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Author archives: Nis Frome

Masterminding the webinar experience

Unfortunately, many marketers think creating great webinar content is enough. They think that pretty slides, dynamic speakers, and insightful content are the keys to a consumer’s heart. Sure, those things are certainly important. But what separates the great content marketers – who set the benchmarks – from everyone else isn’t only great content. It’s the […]

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Welcome to Hublished: Webinar marketing done right

A community for businesses and professionals to share and discover webinars, whitepapers, and other business content Hublished is a new channel for businesses to promote upcoming and recorded webinars, as well as share other compelling, expert content.  It is designed to make it easy for professionals to discover and access content, and for brands to […]

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Webinar Software Review: MegaMeeting

MegaMeeting is an enterprise software solution company with a variety of products and services. Their Webinar Services platform can be used for an array of online collaborative requirements, from employee training to interactive seminars. Of the available webinar software out there, MegaMeeting is far from the cheapest, so I was interested to see if it’s […]

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What is Hublished? In short, it’s the next generation convention

Hublished is a hub for experts and brands, whom we call Publishers, to deliver educational content to industry professionals and consumers, whom we call Peers.  You see, in the past decade, experts and brands have found that creating compelling content is more important than ever  in order to generate new customers.  This is because, unlike […]

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