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Category Archives: Webinar Software Reviews

Webinar Software Review: ClickWebinar

ClickWebinar is a webinar software solution made by marketing software company, Implix.  Not to be confused with interactive meeting software, ClickMeeting (made by the same company), ClickWebinar is a platform for videoconferencing and webinars for up to 1,000 attendees. Overview ClickWebinar offers a standard feature set including white board annotation, moderated chat, and polling.  You […]

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Webinar Software Review: MegaMeeting

MegaMeeting is an enterprise software solution company with a variety of products and services. Their Webinar Services platform can be used for an array of online collaborative requirements, from employee training to interactive seminars. Of the available webinar software out there, MegaMeeting is far from the cheapest, so I was interested to see if it’s […]

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Webinar software review: Cisco WebEx

 WebEx is a Cisco company that was founded in 1996 and provides webinar and online meeting solutions for small businesses and enterprise companies around the world.  Cisco WebEx’s webinar service, Events Center, is scalable and flexible.  As one of the market leaders, we were intrigued to see if WebEx deserves all that market share. Overview […]

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Webinar Software Review: GoToWebinar

For many professionals, Citrix’s Webinar is the preferred software for orchestrating meetings with multiple clients as well as for hosting interactive webinars for large audiences.  Citrix offer a range of packages from 100 attendees for $99/month to up to 1000 attendees for $399/month.  If you want to learn more about one of the most powerful […]

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Webinar software Review: AnyMeeting

  AnyMeeting provides ad-supported webinar software which is free for up to 200 attendees.  Businesses can also subscribe to AnyMeeting’s ad-free webinar solutions for a monthly fee.  If you don’t mind ads, we certainly can’t argue with that price – but is it worth your time? We spent a week testing AnyMeeting so you don’t […]

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