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The Basics

Wondering why in tarnation we created Hublished? You’ll need to understand a few things first:

B2B marketing has been absolutely dominated by the advent of content marketing. In the world of selling to businesses, sales aren’t generated by being funny or entertaining. Sales are generated by establishing thought leadership; by having a brand equated with expertise and excellence in their industry. To establish thought leadership, brands everywhere have joined the “Content Revolution” – the constant creation and dissemination of compelling, expert content in the form of webinars, whitepapers, blogs, podcasts, etc.

Well it just so happens that, from all different formats of content, webinars have emerged as one of, if not the most, effective digital marketing techniques. Think about it – for the first time in history, a single expert at an organization can engage a virtually unlimited number of prospects during an interactive, online seminar. This fundamentally changes the dynamics of relationship marketing!

So where does Hublished come into play?

We found that while webinars are growingly immensely popular, there simply isn’t a web infrastructure to properly support them. Did you know that only about 1 in 9 prospects become aware of a brand because of that brand’s content? That means that while content is the defining factor throughout the B2B sales process, other techniques, like advertising, are still first required to generate brand awareness for 8 in 9 business consumers. We think that’s ridiculous!

Hublished is a central “hub” where any brand can promote upcoming and recorded webinars, and professionals can browse, curate, and share those webinars. How is this simple concept going to change the dynamics of content marketing? Let’s look at a few of the problems we solve…

For brands:

  • After spending numerous hours creating content and organizing presenters for a webinar, marketers don’t have the time or IT support to create landing pages, manage registrants, send out reminders, and host recorded webinars. Hublished automatically takes care of all that.
  • Marketers lack the analytical information to benchmark their content, seeing how it compares to content from competitors. On Hublished, brands have a robust and growing analytics suite that will show them how they can continuously improve their content and regain thought leadership in the eyes of their viewers.
  • After hosting great webinars, brands should get credit for the thought leadership they’ve established. Everyone should know that their content is second to none. On Hublished, we reward great content publishers by promoting their content to the top of search and sharing results.

For professionals:

  • Right now, discovering an upcoming webinar on any given topic is nearly impossible, unless the professional is already connected to a brand hosting it. Go ahead and try a Google search – we dare you! While Google is great for most searches, their search engine simply isn’t designed to find relevant upcoming webinars from brands you can trust. Hublished is a search engine designed to do exactly that: organize and index expert content to enable professionals to access that content quickly and effectively.
  • But even if a professional did find an upcoming webinar on a topic of interest, she is going to need to fill out a lengthy form requiring personal information. Unfortunately, she’s never heard of the brand hosting the webinar she just found. Who wouldn’t feel a bit uneasy about submitting personal information and allotting upwards of an hour of their busy schedule to watch a webinar from a company they can’t first qualify? The current web infrastructure requires every professional to be a guinea pig the first time they engage content from a new brand. Even if 10,000 professionals before you had watched a webinar from a given brand, you have no way of knowing what they thought, whether the webinar was excellent or painful. Hublished has a powerful curation model that takes into consideration past viewer behavior to provide each brand with an expert score, easily helping professionals separate experts from amateurs.
  • Now let’s say a professional signed up for an upcoming webinar. His inbox is already inundated with unsolicited sales pitches and links to content. Somewhere buried under these emails are inconsistent notifications reminding him about the upcoming webinar. The overwhelming majority of people who sign up for an upcoming webinar don’t attend the live version. Where does the recorded version go? Again, a link to it is buried somewhere deep in the abyss of an inbox. On Hublished, your notifications from brands you’re subscribed to and content you’re registered for are simply organized in a feed. Don’t worry if you miss an upcoming webinar – the brand only needs to upload the recorded version for it be automatically added to each registrants private library on Hublished.

In short, Hublished is the online channel for live, expert content. Our mission is to help professionals discover brands through their expert content.

Content Marketing Evangelism

Why cut your budget for generating likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter, to instead spend it on the tedious creation of expert content? The only way to appreciate the true value of content is to engage with it yourself. So we compiled some really interesting content we found all over the web:

Content Marketing Best Practices

But content marketing only works if you approach it from the right angle with the appropriate tools. So after you get your brand’s profile set up on Hublished, what are the next steps? Check out some techniques we found that the best marketers in the world are using:

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