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Webinar Software Review: ClickWebinar

ClickWebinar is a webinar software solution made by marketing software company, Implix.  Not to be confused with interactive meeting software, ClickMeeting (made by the same company), ClickWebinar is a platform for videoconferencing and webinars for up to 1,000 attendees.


ClickWebinar offers a standard feature set including white board annotation, moderated chat, and polling.  You can also of course upload a presentation, share your desktop, play a YouTube video, and surf the web during your presentation.  After a webinar, ClickWebinar has an analytics suite for presenters to view statistics that track responses to polls along with an exportable attendance spreadsheet.


ClickWebinar is impressively intuitive.  I quickly registered for a 30 day trial (great offer!) and outlined my first webinar, which prompted me to take a tour of the software’s features.  The tour demonstrates how to toggle from one presentation mode with emphasis on video and chat to another with emphasis on the presentation.  I was able to easily upload my PowerPoint and begin navigating through slides. calendar ClickWebinar has a moderated chat module and a polling feature, both of which worked rather well.  Moderators can prepare polls ahead of time or utilize an impromptu poll during the webinar.  I was able to easily navigate the software to find my webinar recordings along with statistics about attendance and participation in polls after the webinar. ClickWebinar also has mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Blackberry.  You can schedule and invite participants, stream and present, and enable moderated chat. So far, I was hooked.  Unfortunately, my experience was almost all downhill from there. While the video streamed smoothly, the voice audio could not be heard no matter what settings I used.  I tried using my laptop microphone and then switched to a USB microphone, but neither worked.  I then tried playing a YouTube video, which did eventually work.  It seems that there are some odd and random errors with audio – not something you want to be dealing with mid-webinar. I also had issues trying to share my desktop, surf the web using the application provided on ClickWebinar, utilizing the translation feature, and using the integration with Facebook module. Last but not least, I found the customer service to be rather slow and incapable of resolving most of my issues.


ClickWebinar would be well worth the $40/month they charge for up to 50 attendees per meeting if the audio worked.  Unfortunately I could not get the audio consistently working no matter what settings I used.


ClickWebinar has great interactivity tools which include moderated chat and polling.  The statistics post-webinar are generally great as well for tracking participation and qualifying leads.  However, the fact that the audio did not stream during my test run makes it difficult for me to recommend ClickWebinar.  Test it first, and if everything works well, then this is a product you might very well want to consider for your organization.  Otherwise, you’re in the same boat as me.  Next!
  • Caroline Artz

    Your reviews are great-brief but detailed enough on the main points. Very helpful as we try to narrow down our options. Just wanted to mention that It would be really nice if you had links to the actual software/service websites within your articles. Thanks for the reviews!

    • Nis Frome

      Hey Caroline,

      Thanks for reading! We just moved our blog to a new template so are in the process of transitioning over links and other media :)

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