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Webinar Software Review: MegaMeeting

MegaMeeting is an enterprise software solution company with a variety of products and services. Their Webinar Services platform can be used for an array of online collaborative requirements, from employee training to interactive seminars. Of the available webinar software out there, MegaMeeting is far from the cheapest, so I was interested to see if it’s worth the premium. Read on below to see if MegaMeeting is the right fit for your content marketing initiatives.


MegaMeeting packs a punch with features. Unfortunately, some of the best ones are only available for the business bundle (pricing below), but there is no shortage of available features even in the basic package.

The standout feature in my opinion is that MegaMeeting is 100% browser-based and requires no installations for webinar attendees. Unlike internal corporate webinars used for employee training where everyone is forced to watch), webinars used for content marketing initiatives need to be customer-centric with a seamless viewing process. Not having to force attendees to download any plugins or software is a major plus. Expect your “viewer to registration” ratio to increase significantly, as the number of drop-offs decreases substantially.

MegaMeeting’s most basic package also includes the standard suite of webinar features, including attendee chat, screen sharing, file sharing, a slick multimedia player, and compatibility with multiple platforms. You can check out the full checklist in the Value section.

Among other features, the business bundle adds better analytical tools, interactivity such as polls and surveys, customizable rooms (the standard package has MegaMeeting branding on it), and storage for video recordings of your webinars (.flv).


You do not have to be concerned with MegaMeeting crumbling in the clutch. Assuming you have run a test webinar with your team, installed all the necessary components, and have them working properly, MegaMeeting will not falter. It’s a powerful and smooth ride. The video recording was crystal clear and the audio came through nicely. There was no lag on any multimedia sharing whatsoever.

As aforementioned, the setup is presenter-heavy which makes the process for attendees entirely seamless. In my opinion, this is the way it should be (at least until browsers become powerful enough so no setup is required whatsoever). However, the best feature we found cannot be summarized in a checklist. MegaMeeting’s customer service is second to none. First, they actually use their own software for customer service interactions. +1 for brand evangelism. Second, and warning for all of you who work from home, I first tested MegaMeeting in my pajamas. I hit the demo button expecting to be taken to a brief automated demo. Nope. In less than 5 seconds I was sitting in a tank top with a MegaMeeting representative (in America) who walked me through the entire platform. He was courteous yet quick and efficient. He followed up with me and has kept in touch with me at a non-suffocating distance.

If training and customer service are major concerns for you (which they should be unless your company is made up of web ninjas), at least try out the MegaMeeting free demo. Their customer service alone might be good enough to justify their price premium over the competition.

The only negative performance factor we noticed was an occasional lag in the audio of the presenter video. Since many other webinar software solutions don’t even let the presenter have a video alongside their presentation, we don’t consider this a big deal. If you are intent on being viewed while you speak, do the free 5-day demo before punching in your credit card numbers.

We did not test on every browser and platform, but we’re confident that MegaMeeting is not lying when they say that their service works on all PC/MAC/Linux machines and is compatible with all major internet browsers. For what it’s worth though, we used Google Chrome on Windows 7 and Mac OSX.


Value Chart

The good news is that MegaMeeting can tailor prices to the number of people you want to be able to accommodate on your webinar and the services you need. The bad news is that MegaMeeting is not cheap, and the cost is front-loaded. Many of the bundles and services have a one-time cost early on, with an additional monthly service charge. The rates will change depending on what you need, but I was quoted $109/month for having a capacity of 50 viewers on the basic package (features outlined above). The business package was quoted at a one-time payment of $990. File storage and free downloads of recorded webinars were quoted at another onetime payment of $299.

There’s no denying it – MegaMeeting can rack up a bill. There are pros and cons to the one-time payment. If you prorate the one-time fees over several years, MegaMeeting is comparably priced to other high-end webinar software solutions (see WebEx and GoToWebinar). However, front-loading also means that if you decide you want to switch providers in three months, or for whatever reason no longer need or want their service, you’ve already sunk a chunk of change. In the end, it is going to depend on the nature of your company and cash flow.


MegaMeeting is powerful but it’s not for everyone. If your service or product is high-priced (meaning each customer conversion is very profitable), complicated for the laymen to understand (meaning that your customers know they need your service but rarely understand the sophistication or the difference between you and competitors), and the average age of your viewers is above 35 (let’s assume that’s the cutoff for tech savvy-ness), then I think MegaMeeting is the way to go.

With a seamless experience for applicants and tons of features at your disposal, converting skeptical prospects into customers is made easiest with MegaMeeting. In addition, if you are willing to pay up for quality customer service, you may want to consider MegaMeeting even if alternatives can get the job done otherwise. If you’re bootstrapping, working with smaller audiences, and/or don’t need all the sophistication to get your point across, you’re probably better off with something cheaper.

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