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Welcome to Hublished: Webinar marketing done right

A community for businesses and professionals to share and discover webinars, whitepapers, and other business content

Hublished is a new channel for businesses to promote upcoming and recorded webinars, as well as share other compelling, expert content.  It is designed to make it easy for professionals to discover and access content, and for brands to use their content to generate active and dedicated followings.We built Hublished because thought leadership, and more specifically content marketing, as a marketing practice is growing at an exciting pace, replacing what we believe are outdated and less valued-added techniques, such as cold-calling and advertising.  But with the growth of content marketing has come a lot of clutter, reminiscent of the days we are so optimistic we can move beyond.

Hublished is the infrastructure (or ‘hub,’ if you will) to organize that clutter into easily navigable, accessible content that can be curated and qualified.  Hublished is not another link-sharing site.  Brands actually add their content to Hublished, which they can then embed back on their own sites.  Professionals can actually register for webinars directly with one click.

For professionals, no more lengthy and repetitive forms to access content.  No more being the guinea pig for every webinar from a brand you haven’t heard of because there’s no curation or rating mechanism to qualify them beforehand.  No more cluttered inbox filled with emails to links of content from every brand you’ve ever interacted with.  No more dysfunctional and forgettable notifications and reminders.  No more having to be Christopher Columbus to find the recorded version of the webinar you just missed.

For brands, no more requiring IT to help marketers build and manage those pesky forms.  No more creating amazing content without getting the credit for it for future prospects to see.  No more having only hot prospects already connected to you be able to find your content that’s unfortunately hidden on your site.  No more broken video players and lost leads.

We envision a world in which professionals discover brands through the expert content created by those brands.  Not through advertising.  Not through cold-calling.  But through thought leadership.

Hublished is the next step toward that end.

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